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We are Xline Studio


Our activity

Point of sale marketing

Xline studio offers you a range of services in design and production for your point of sale furniture and goodies. Our main activities are:

3D Print

A new approche


You can come and visit us at Olatu Leku, in Anglet, south west of France. Olatu Leku, basque name, is and HQE building, a bee house of young and talented companies. We can also pay you a visit to understand better your identity and your products.


Your marketing department has given orientation, but has not defined a clear concept.
We can first understand your expectations, and then, we can propose you several solutions through 3D-like pictures

3D Prototype

Once the cpncept is clearly defined, you can ask us for a 3D prototype to give a final go for production.
We can deliver the prototype in 24 hours, you chose the texture (metal, wood, ceramic) and the colours. The solution is fast and efficient… and very economical compared to a classical prototype.


Once the modeling and drawing is done, by our engineering office, the production passes on to one of our well selected suppliers in France, Europe or China, depending on the products, the quantity, and the time of delivery.

We follow every stage of the production process, on site if necessary.
You can beneficiate from our 15 year-experience in graphic design and POS design.


We can pack and deliver the production to your different points of sale or to your storage sites.


The team

A combination of skills

Brian, the designer: creative, talented, well experienced, he has a strong network of clients and business partners. François, the commercial: experienced commercial in B2B, B2C, for a wide range of products and services (luxury brand, sport shops, financial products), he is the entry point for and efficient business relationship. Mathieu, the advisor: a young and successful entrepreneur, he is a key counselor for the development of Xline Studio

Brian Renoy

Brian Renoy

Designer View Details
François de Puybusque

François de Puybusque

Business Development View Details
Mathieu Pauc

Mathieu Pauc

Administrative View Details
Brian Renoy

Brian Renoy


Brian is passionate about new technologies, design an architecture. He started with animation movies, before working is product design industry. He has worked for 4 years in the surf business, in HOFF company. He then became Director Design for a company specialized in point of sale marketing. Brian is expert in the use of the 3D printer, his baby, unique in South West of France.

François de Puybusque

François de Puybusque

Business Development

Francois knows to adapt : this is the main skill he developed over 10 years of various commercial activities : in ski station in the Alpes or in the Atlantic coast, on the roads in France or Norway, François has met with clients and prospects with very different expectations.
He will find solutions to make your brand attractive and powerful.

Mathieu Pauc

Mathieu Pauc


Mathieu is only 30 but he has already created and sold his company (with 100 employees and a strong growth) to an well known world energy leader. In 2014, he decided to invest in Xline Studio and more: to dedicate his time to help into the development of Xline Studio. He knows about finance and admin management, and he will make Xline Studio a strong and innovative company.


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